August 1st, 2007




The Skyscraper Photo PC is my tribute to the 1931 Hammond Gregory clock.  The clock was designed in 1931 in the skyscraper-style of the art deco era.


Size comparison shot.



An original Hammond Gregory in black


...and another in brown.  They were made of Bakelite.


The Skyscraper Photo PC is contructed entirely of wood.  The main structure is basswood with a mahogany veneer.  The back panel is birch plywood painted with industrial aluminum paint.  The 60mm Vantec Stealth fan pulls air up through the gap at the bottom.


The computer's I/O panel is exposed after tilting the computer onto its back.  The LCD panel is connected to the computer's composite TV-out jack.  The gap above the I/O plate is a continuation of the air flow path.


I want to thank my good friends at VIA, Crucial, mini-box and Sidewinder.

A comprehensive project worklog of Skyscraper with additional photos can be accessed at Jeffrey Stephenson Design Forum

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