G-metric Nano

January  1st, 2008

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The G-metric Nano is a desktop PC featuring a VIA NX15000 Nano-ITX mainboard and 1GB of Crucial DDR2 memory. The power is provided by an 80W picoPSU.


The case is made of Hard Pennsylvania Cherry veneer with an art deco geometric design on the top. The inlay is done in walnut, mahogany, basswood and cherry veneers.


Size comparison shot. The G-metric Nano started out life as a simple test box. I was experimenting to see how small a viable enclosure could be constructed around the Nano-ITX.


As opposed to many of my other tiny boxes, I decided to include a DVD burner in this project.


The NX-series of Nano boards is distinguished by the lack of onboard ports. Other than an Ethernet port, all board connectors are provided by dongles. This allows a great deal of freedom to decide which ports to use and to place them where I want.


This also allows me to do crazy things like install the board upside down. I experimented with this configuration, with good success, many years ago with Humidor CL Server.



These are a couple of photos of the design inspiration. Without knowing, I had found and saved these pics several years apart. I took that as a sign that I must like this particular art deco geometric design. I believe these are Max Factor makeup compact cases from the '30s.


The size of the Nano's relatively large heatsink was a hindrance to a slim box design. I resolved this issue by extending a portion of the heatsink outside of the box.


The front button is a vintage Allen-Bradley controller switch with a few cosmetic alterations. This photo also shows the raw wood before its eight coats of clear lacquer.


Final glamour shot.

I want to thank my good friends at VIA, Crucial, and mini-box.com.

Thanks for looking!