Pico Bayard

January  7th, 2008

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My latest project is a hybrid computer/digital photo frame powered by a VIA PX10000 Pico-ITX mainboard. The board has an integrated 1GHz VIA C7 CPU and 1GB of Crucial DDR2 memory installed



The Pico Bayard is my tribute to a provocative mantle clock design by the French clockmaker Bayard.  The clock was designed and built in the thirties in the skyscraper-style of the art deco era.



Size comparison shot. Yes....it is that small.



An original Bayard in brown



...and another in white.  They were made of Bakelite.



The computer features integrated Wi-Fi with an adjustable antenna mounted to the back of the case.



The computer was designed to have its heatsink exposed to the outside environment. This helps with airflow and prevents re-cycling of hot interior air. The design nearly eliminates the possibility of CPU overheating.



The Pico Bayard was constructed with no power tools other than a cordless drill. Each "leg" consists of six stacked layers each hand cut with a different concentric arc. The curved edges are made from mahogany veneer strips that were soaked, steamed and bent using a custom made jig.



There is a vent on top of the monitor enclosure that allows hot air to escape. The vent is "sealed" by a perforated steel mesh screen.



1/32" thick Swietenia flame mahogany is veneered over the case's basswood substructure. Note: This photo is my personal favorite.



The flame mahogany is finished with a brush-on clear lacquer buffed with #0000 steel wool. This is topped off with a coat of Johnson's paste wax.



The integrated monitor is an EarthLCD 8" touchscreen TFT-LCD with a resolution of 800 x 600. The screen is powered by the computer's 80W picoPSU provided by mini-box.com.



Covered bridge I stumbled across just south of Montpelier, Vermont.



The chrome accents are actually 1/4" wide automotive adhesive-backed trim bought at my local discount auto parts store.



Final glamour shot.

I want to thank my good friends at VIA, Crucial, mini-box and EarthLCD.

Thanks for looking!