May 21st, 2012

Mondrian is a mini-ITX case design made from wood and hand-cut acrylic tiles.


Fresh air is drawn into the case after passing through the exposed heatsink finning. An 80mm CPU fan is mounted under the heatsink and acts as a combo CPU/case fan.



Intel Core i3-2105 CPU
Intel HD3000 Graphics
Crucial 256GB M4 SSD
8GB Crucial DDR3 system memory
120W PicoPSU
Scythe Kozuti CPU Heatsink/Fan
Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Construction Photos: 












Additional Photos:








Yves Saint Laurent dress from his Fall 1965 collection. This photo is from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The most famous Mondrian design. The Partridge Family bus from the 1970s TV show.

A comprehensive project worklog of Mondrian with additional photos can be accessed at Jeffrey Stephenson Design Forum

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