March 6th, 2016

SkyVue is an Art Deco styled PC made from sapele over a birch plywood frame. Sapele is an African member of the mahogany family.


The internal structure is a cut up aluminum donor case clad with aircraft grade birch plywood. The structure is reinforced with several pieces of aluminum angle bolted to the skeleton.


A Gigabyte GA-Z107N-WIFI mini-ITX motherboard mated to a Gigabyte GV-N960IXOC-4GD mini-ITX GTX960 video card using a riser card. Cooling is supplied by Corsair H5 SF low profile water cooling system.


The cover slips down over the chassis.

The boot drive is a HyperX Predator M.2 SSD and the storage drive is this Corsair 2.5" SSD mounted in the base alongside the Silverstone SFX power supply.

The Gigabyte mini-ITX GTX960 video card.

The Corsair H5 SF low profile water cooling system.

The Silverstone 300W SFX power supply.

Donated equipment:

Some construction photos:

A huge thanks to my friends at:

A comprehensive project worklog of SkyVue with additional photos can be accessed at Jeffrey Stephenson Design Forum.


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